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The Council of Ministers appoints members of Roma Committee

At the proposal of the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, the Council of Ministers adopted at its 49th session a Decision on the appointment of members of the Roma Committee within the BiH Council of Ministers, for a term of four years. This is the fifth convocation of the Roma Committee after the mandate of the fourth convocation expired in March this year.

Representatives of the state ministries for human rights and refugees, finance and treasury, civil affairs, security and justice, the Directorate for European Integration, the Labor and Employment Agency, gender equality, as well as entity governments and the Government of the Brcko District of BiH are among those appointed to the Committee, counting 22 members and 11 alternate members.

Half of the members, 11 of them, are representatives of the Roma population from the cantons and the region, and Roma associations, were announced earlier.

The adoption of this decision is in line with meeting the objectives of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, which was previously ratified by BiH.

The Council of Ministers of BiH submitted this Decision to the Newipe portal, which includes the names of the body members. Those appointed are:

a) Mladen Božović, a member on behalf of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Saliha Đuderija, alternate member.

b) Zulfo Robović, Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, Sanel Bajrović, alternate member,

c) Daria Duilović, Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Enida Vehabović, alternate member,

d) Stanislava Tanić, Ministry of Security of BiH, Sanin Prašević, alternate member,

e) Boris Lovrinović, Ministry of Justice of BiH, Vildan Hadžihasanović, alternate member,

f) Armin Spahić, Directorate for European Integration of BiH, Nejra Hiroš, alternate member,

g) Boris Pupić, BiH Labor and Employment Agency, Zvjezdana Jelić, alternate member,

h) Samra Filipović-Hadžiabdić, Agency for Gender Equality of BiH, Branislava Crnčević-Čulić, alternate member,

i) Jasmina Khecan-Babić, Government of the Federation of BiH, Šefika Hasanagić, alternate member,

j) Zorica Garača, Government of RS, Nada Pejnović, alternate member,

k) Mujo Mustafić, Government of the Brcko District of BiH, Ekrem Banda, alternate member,

l) Dervo Sejdić, Sarajevo Canton,

m) Mujo Fafulić, Zenica-Doboj Canton

n) Hasnija Demirović, Una-Sana Canton,

o) Nedžad Jusić, Tuzla Canton,

p) Sabahudin Tahirovic, Central Bosnia Canton,

r) Armina Ahmetović, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton,

s) Aleksandar Mašić, Banja Luka region,

t) Snježana Mirković, Doboj region,

u) Sacmir Seferović, Bijeljina region,

c) Asmir Husić, Brčko District of BiH,

i) Indira Bajramović, Women's Roma Network.

As stated in the Decision, tasks, professional and technical assistance, way of work, and compensations are determined by the Decision on the Establishment of the Roma Committee within the BiH Council of Ministers, and other issues are regulated by the Rules of Procedure of the Roma Committee, adopted at the constituent session.


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